Fan the Gift of God into Flame!

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 directs every Spirit-filled Christian to use their spiritual gifts for the common good. In keeping with our theme for 2016, let’s be BUILT UP by identifying and using our gifts to God’s glory.


FAN INTO FLAME is our evangelism campaign for the month of March, enforcing the given theme for 2016 of BUILT UP.  Beginning with a Church-wide fast from the evening of Sunday February 28th, the entire month will be filled with fun evangelistic activities, with family devotionals and family group discussions geared towards examining the Scriptures to help discover what your gift is, evangelizing as a family group for two weeks, a special Father/Son river lime at the end of the month, and, of course, an Easter Sunday Bring Your Neighbor Day service via house churches.

For more info, click here to download the FAN INTO FLAME hand-out (PDF), complete with calendar and evangelism ideas.

Need a hand figuring out what your Spiritual Gift might be? Click here (printable) or here (on your phone) to take a free survey to guide you.