Replanting The "Spice Isle" This August!

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“The Lord said to him, “Go back the way you came, and go to the Desert of Damascus… “ (1 Kings 19:15)

‘And what was God’s answer to him? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” So too, at the present time, there is a remnant chosen by grace.” (Romans 11:4-5)

The Apostle Paul shared with the church in Rome, that as in the days of Elijah, God had reserved a remnant in Israel, who would respond to the gospel and turn to God. So God told Elijah to “go back the way you came”, and to trust in Him for the delivery of His people.

It is with this spirit of faith, that the Port of Spain Church of Christ announces the replanting of the St. George’s International Church of Christ in Grenada!

Nicknamed “the Spice Isle”, Grenada has a population of almost 110,000 souls hungry for the Word of God. There are over 6,000 students at the St. George’s University, a world-class Medical, Veterinary, Arts and Sciences institution with students and faculty from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the Caribbean.

In September of 2004, Hurricane Ivan swept across the Caribbean Sea, leaving a trail of destruction on the island of Grenada. The young congregation was affected as disciples moved away due to sudden economic hardship and lack of financial support. The church dwindled down from almost 30 members in 2004 to just 3 disciples currently who for several years have faithfully prayed, and waited patiently for support, help and leadership.

Disciples from Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent and the United States have made several “missionary journeys” to Grenada over recent years. The goal has been to encourage and strengthen the disciples there, and to remind them, as God told Elijah, that He has not forgotten His children.

Now, through the sacrifice giving of our 2012 Special Missions Contribution, God is finally putting together a team of disciples to move to Grenada in August of this year!


Our goal is to establish a cornerstone church by God’s Spirit, and a thriving campus ministry, to evangelize this wonderful nation for God!

We are also excited to announce that Richard & Romania Beadle, from St Vincent have been chosen to lead the team to Grenada. Both Jamaicans by birth, Richard was originally baptized in 1989 as a teen in Kingston, Jamaica. He quickly developed a heart for the mission while converting several of his family members. Romania was baptized in 2006 in St. Vincent. They have remained in St Vincent, for the last seven years, faithfully serving the church and community, and are known in the Caribbean region for their zeal for the church, their love for the lost and their desire for the mission. They have two children together, Reagan (4) and Rolando (2), and have now answered the call in faith, to be trained and to give up their jobs and to re-locate to Grenada to lead the church.

Like He told Elijah, God is calling us to “go back” to Grenada, to preach the Word and reclaim souls for Him, and you can be a part of this great mission! Here’s how:


Be a part of the team! Do you have a desire to help build the church in Grenada for at least 3 years (Grenadian or Caribbean roots are a plus!)?

Are you considering graduate studies in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Arts & Sciences? Consider applying to St Georges University and be there as we relaunch the campus ministry in Grenada!

Disciples interested in being a part of the team, must be in good standing with your local church, and must be known for being self-motivated, serving and evangelistic.


Let us know if you or your church would like to help support the replanting financially, by committing to one-time or periodic support.

Who Do You Know?

Do you have contacts in Grenada? What about friends, family members, or community leaders that may be able to help us in any way? Please llet us know!


We desperately need your prayers! Pray for open doors, for financial support, for spiritual leadership, for team members, for baptisms, restorations and growth!

We will hold an informational meeting via Skype in mid-February.

To express your interest or support, please contact Richard Beadle:

Richard & Romania Beadle

Telephone: 1-784-529-1005

Email and Facebook: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: r2beadles

BB: 29B29C90