“If you think you could make a market place outta this holy temple, then allow me to remove all doubt and listen real careful to these words that proceed from out my lips … I WILL RUN YOU OUT !”

These are the opening lines to the soon to be released track entitled NO ENTRY, written and produced by our very own Shane RIZON Gibson, for his upcoming debut album ‘Liberate’. These lines which are obviously inspired by the Gospel of John (Chapter 2), where Jesus clears the temple with a whip of cords, illustrate the conviction we ought to have in keeping our temples clear of all that contaminates.

We live in a time where wickedness almost seems fashionable. Badness is still in style. Bullying in schools now seems to be a growing trend. The numbers of victims falling prey to AIDS and other STDs, continue to skyrocket. Drug abuse, promiscuity, adultery and divorce are all too common within the music and film industries. A solid relationship with God is critical, if people are to go through this life unmoved by the overwhelming evil influence.

NO ENTRY is a bold and defiant stance against all that is wicked in our society. NO ENTRY is a battle song… a declaration of war on the enemy. This track will be accompanied by a blazing hot music video starring many of our brothers and sisters and even children of some of the disciples. Our brothers and sisters were all too prepared to express their radical stance for righteousness in this video and everyone gave their hearts and stuck it out despite the long hours and grumbling tummies without any complaints.

While post editing doesn’t guarantee which faces make it in the final cut of the video, Rizon also wanted to convey his deepest gratitude to all of the brothers & sisters who came out in support.

NO ENTRY is about taking control and taking responsibility for what we allow into our lives. The music video promises to be very exciting and empowering. There’s no doubt that God is ready for Rizon to do his thing. We are proud of you bro and you have our full support all the way. Stay tuned for the album and video release!