Tobago Sector Gives HOPE To Children's Home

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On Sunday August 7th, Patrick & Donna Caesar along with Shane & Susan Gibson, on behalf of the Tobago Sector of the Port of Spain Church of Christ, visited the SylPhyl Children's Home in Tobago. They were pleased to present a cheque to cover costs of school books for the 24 children at the home.

At Sunday's visit, the children were delighted when Rizon (Shane Gibson) sang for them and they in turn sang for him. They were enamored with his wife Susan also, clamoring around her for attention. It was a great visit and kudos must be given to the Director for her heart in opening up her home to these lovely children.

The Tobago Sector has adopted the home as it's HOPE project by donating groceries to them among other items. The church also held talks with the Director, Mrs. Susan Jack-Phyllips, regarding hosting church services there - which she was very receptive to. Anyone wishing to donate to the home can contact Patrick Caesar.